We have tried our very best to make this web site usable by as many people as possible. We have considered that web users access web sites on different operating systems (primarily windows and mac), as well as using a variety of web browsers including Firefox, Opera, Safari, Netscape and Internet Explorer to name a few. We are also aware that people with visual or other impairments use the internet to access information. While we know that it is impossible to design a site that everyone can use, designing this site with accessibility in mind means that more people can access its content.

In designing this site, we have used technologies that form a common standard. These standards are developed by the World Wide Web Consortium and contributed to by web developers and users all over the world. By designing to what are known as ‘web standards’, the content of this web site is made available to a wider range of people and technologies. You may have noticed that it downloaded quicker too. Perhaps one day, all web sites will be made this way, but until then this site is still quite special.

For more information please read about valid xhtml, valid css and the wai guidelines at the World Wide Web Consortium website.